Best poker games for Mac users

There are many different poker games for Mac users to choose from, which longtime Apple fans will no doubt appreciate – things have definitely improved! The most popular game Mac users are flocking to play is online poker. Online poker is both a fun and profitable game to play. There is the excitement and intellectual stimulation you will find in other challenging games as well as the ability to make money. Canadian poker players should definitely check out the different sites that offer these games.

Players who use Mac computers cannot play on any random site. They need to play on one of the major sites whose software support more than just PC systems. This will ensure that the software will run properly and that they can have access to the most games. Take a look at bwin, Party Poker, and 888 poker. These online poker sites are the best options for poker games for Mac users.

Places like Party Poker, bwin and 888 Poker are all sites that offer poker games for Mac users. These sites allow you to log on from the comfort of your home and play online poker. This is one of the advantages to living in Canada. Unlike in the USA, playing poker online in Canada is completely hassle-free and safe. You can choose from many different games depending on your preferences and get to playing right away.

source: Poker.ca


Poker can be a physical activity as well))

Recently, I discovered great article about poker on muskoka.ca that is my beloved Canadian place. Here it goes...

So what is a Poker Run and how is Muskoka related to this wonderful event? A Poker Run is an annual event usually organized to take place in the most beautiful locations of North America.

Participants of a Poker Run usually travel to the event by motorcycle, bicycle, motorboat or on horseback. The point of the entire event is to achieve the best poker hand of all participants. The hand itself depends on the kind of poker being played in a particular frame of the run. It can be a 5 or 7 card hand. Each card is drawn at a particular checkpoint registered for the event. Muskoka Lakes hosted an annual 2011 Poker Run event in August.

A Poker Run is an event that is funded by participants themselves and official sponsors. The winners receive different kinds of prizes. And yet the main sums of money collected throughout the event is usually donated to charities. And though in 2011 the MLA or any other official organization in Muskoka wasn’t involved in the event itself, area residents were proud to host and help organize such a great event.

In 2011 Muskoka’s checkpoint offered the greatest food and entertainment for participants of all other checkpoints involved in the event. And though the Poker Run of 2011 was not the largest in comparison to the same event in 2009 when more than 2,000 motorcycles participated, it was nonetheless very pleasant and beneficiary for the area and for the Muskoka community.

source: muskoka.ca


Canadian poker sites for serious online poker players

Canadian poker sites are hardly rare, but finding a reputable, reliable, exciting online poker site that works well for Canadian players isn’t easy to do unless you know just where to look. One of the best resources for finding these great Canadian poker sites is right here at Poker.ca, where we strive to provide online poker players in Canada with the most reliable and diverse options for enjoying poker on the net. Canadians have been hit hard by the loss of American players on major sites due to Black Friday back in April when several major online poker rooms were shut down by the U.S. authorities. Sites like PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker / Ultimate Bet used to be standbys for players in Canada looking for huge traffic during peak North American play times thanks to the millions of American online poker players betting cash and playing hard. Now that these major sites are off the table for Americans, Canadians who want great competition must look elsewhere. One place to turn is 888 Poker, a site that has always been well received in Canada despite the lack of American players since 2006. 888 Poker makes an extra effort to welcome and entice players based in Canada, and this is what makes it one of the top Canadian poker sites in our view. The runner up for our list of top Canadian poker sites would have to be Party Poker, another trusted poker room with the credentials and reputation to guarantee a solid gaming experience without worry. Between these two Canadian poker sites, any player can feel confident in the future of the industry despite recent controversy.

source: http://www.poker.ca


Online casino World Series of Poker

First of all, If you wish to know about WSOP, we recommend to visit this brilliant poker resource poker.ca. You can read my own humble notes in this post. The World Series of Poker is something that poker lovers look forward to all year long. Not only does the event provide an excuse for the best poker players in the world to meet and compete against one another, but also some big name celebrities. There are two ways for you to qualify to play in the World Series of Poker. The first is by purchasing a chair. The second is by winning a qualifying tournament.

One of the things that a membership to an online casino could provide you with is a chance to qualify for the WSOP. It is becoming increasingly common for an online casino to host qualifying tournaments. The great thing about these tournaments is that they provide you with several opportunities to qualify, without having to go to the effort and expense of traveling to tournaments. Many professionals now use online games to qualify for their own seats at the big Vegas game.

Online casino to pass time

Waiting is the worst, is it not? I mean, sometimes I do not mind waiting if there is something good on the other end, but then there are the times when it is not. I suppose I should enjoy the time I have before bad news strikes, but knowing what is coming seems to make it that much worse. One thing that I have discovered after many hours, days and months waiting for bad news is that staying occupied has helped tremendously.

At first I was reading books to keep my mind off of things, then I decided that playing games like online casino games would be a better use of my time. Not only did playing online casino games mean that I would be on the computer, but it also meant that just by playing I could win some money. Extra money always puts me in a better mood and helps me to think about the good instead of the bad.

Disadvantages of Turning Online Casino Pro

One disadvantage of turning online casino poker pro is that unlike with a steady job, you do not get any health insurance or pension benefits. What’s more, you also miss out on a steady paycheck as a poker career comes with its highs and lows, no matter how good a player you are. As glamorous as you may find earning a living from online casino poker, this will not work in your favor should you decide to approach a bank for a loan.

Face it, in the bank manager’s eyes you are simply a professional gambler. And if you are not self driven and lack self discipline, you may find yourself perpetually broke, as there is no one to supervise your work or tell you when to work.

Important Online Casino Poker Terminology

In order to improve your online casino winning odds, it is important to learn some important poker terminology. For instance, a bad beat refers to a situation in which you lose despite the fact that you are a big favorite to win. A call is when you match another online casino player’s bet, instead of raising or folding. A raise refers to betting more than what the previous player bet; while to draw/ drawing means to call bets with a hand that is not likely to be the best at that particular time, but has a chance of improving.