Poker can be a physical activity as well))

Recently, I discovered great article about poker on muskoka.ca that is my beloved Canadian place. Here it goes...

So what is a Poker Run and how is Muskoka related to this wonderful event? A Poker Run is an annual event usually organized to take place in the most beautiful locations of North America.

Participants of a Poker Run usually travel to the event by motorcycle, bicycle, motorboat or on horseback. The point of the entire event is to achieve the best poker hand of all participants. The hand itself depends on the kind of poker being played in a particular frame of the run. It can be a 5 or 7 card hand. Each card is drawn at a particular checkpoint registered for the event. Muskoka Lakes hosted an annual 2011 Poker Run event in August.

A Poker Run is an event that is funded by participants themselves and official sponsors. The winners receive different kinds of prizes. And yet the main sums of money collected throughout the event is usually donated to charities. And though in 2011 the MLA or any other official organization in Muskoka wasn’t involved in the event itself, area residents were proud to host and help organize such a great event.

In 2011 Muskoka’s checkpoint offered the greatest food and entertainment for participants of all other checkpoints involved in the event. And though the Poker Run of 2011 was not the largest in comparison to the same event in 2009 when more than 2,000 motorcycles participated, it was nonetheless very pleasant and beneficiary for the area and for the Muskoka community.

source: muskoka.ca